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The What & Why
Pokemon Go is the latest phenomenon in the gaming industry which has taken the world by storm. It is a singular game that cuts across both the virtual world and the real world. Developed by the Niantic’s Real World Gaming Platform, it uses real locations to encourage players to search far and wide in the real world to discover Pokemon.

Simply put, it encourages people to get outside, explore their surroundings and possibly hit the road to cities and towns finding and catching wild Pokemon. Players are even encouraged to go beyond where they live and get out in the globe to capture as many Pokemon as they can.

This means that interesting places and major stops and attraction centres in cities and towns will constantly be flooded with Pokemon Go players. 

It puts more people out there, and you can take advantage of this phenomenon to provide more value to these Pokemon Go players and make good money in process.
#poketing Is Your Key To Huge Profits With Pokemon Go

We created #poketing to serve as a road-map for those who wish to cash in on the Pokemon Go craze when we saw how this virtual and real world game became an overnight wonder for adults, teens and kids.

#poketing is a complete system that shows you exactly how to leverage the Pokemon Go craze for business, using Youzign and a couple of other extra material.

Here Are Some of What You Get With #poketing
Why Pokemongo became the hottest craze overnight (for adults, teens and kids alike)
How you can drive tons of sales and foot traffic to any local businesses with Pokemons
How to instantly position yourself as a Pokemongo expert in 10 minutes or less.
Within less than a week, Pokemongo had more daily active users than Twitter and higher engagement than Snapchat. Find out why in the first part of this webinar. 
Smart businesses are seeing up to 75% increases in sales with Pokemongo: learn how to effortlessly "lure" paying customers into any local shop... the same day! 
Finally you will discover how you can become the go-to local Pokemon expert in your area in no time at all... even if you have zero Pokemon experience : )
PDF Version
The pdf version of the #poketing course professionally written to make an easy read for you both for implementation and reference purposes.
Mind Map
The #poketing Mind Map designed to present the actual bits of the course and to guide you through all the action steps.
All the other extra material you need to succeed; including the IGN Pokemon Go guide, Ingress Apps download links for both iOS and Android, and more...
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